HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Use t his elem ent to mark u p
te xt you want em phasiz ed
with e xtra st rength.
Use this element to
mark up text you'd
say in a different
voice, like if you are
emphasizing a point.
Use this elemen t for
form atted text wh en you want
t he brow ser to show yo ur text
exact ly as yo u typed it.
Thi s elem ent t ells t he
b rowse r tha t the cont ent i s
<a >
a d ate or time , or b oth.
Use th is eleme nt for short
quo tes…yo u know, like “to be
or not to be,” or “No matter
whe re you g o, ther e you a re.”
Jus t give m e a
paragr aph, ple ase.
The code ele ment is used
for displ aying cod e from a
comp uter pro gram.
Here are a bunch of elements you
already know, and a
few you don't.
Remember, half the fun of HTML
is experimenting! So make some
files of your own and try these
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