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I was just creating a web page
explaining everything I was learning from
this topic, and I wanted to mention the <html>
element inside my page. Isn't that going to
mess up the nesting? Do I need to put double
quotes around it or something?
You're right, that can cause problems.
Because browsers use < and > to begin and end tags, using them in
the content of your HTML can cause problems. But HTML gives
you an easy way to specify these and other special characters using
a simple abbreviation called a character entity . Here's how it works:
for any character that is considered “special” or that you'd like to
use in your web page, but that may not be a typeable character
in your editor (like a copyright symbol), you just look up the
abbreviation and then type it into your HTML. For example, the >
character's abbreviation is &gt; and the < character's is &lt; .
So, say you wanted to type “The <html> element rocks.” in your
page. Using the character entities, you'd type this instead:
The &lt; html &gt; element rocks.
Another important special character you should know about is the
& (ampersand) character. If you'd like to have an & in your HTML
content, use the character entity &amp; instead of the & character
So what about the copyright symbol (that's &copyright;)? And
all those other symbols and foreign characters? You can look up
common ones at this URL:
or, for a more exhaustive list, use this URL:
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