HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
A bunch of HTML elements, in full costume, are playing a party
game, “Who am I?” They'll give you a clue you try to guess who
they are based on what they say. Assume they always tell the
truth about themselves. Fill in the blanks to the right to identify
the attendees. Also, for each attendee, write down whether or not
the element is inline or block.
Tonight's attendees:
Any of the charming HTML elements you've seen so far just
might show up!
Inline or
I'm the #1 heading.
I'm all ready to link to another page.
Emphasize text with me.
I'm a list, but I don't have my affairs in order.
I'm a real linebreaker.
I'm an item that lives inside a list.
I keep my list items in order.
I'm all about image.
Quote inside a paragraph with me.
Use me to quote text that stands on its own.
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