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Here's another list from Tony's journal: cell phone, iPod, digital camera, and a protein
bar. You'll find it in his June 2nd entry. This is an unordered list of items.
The HTML for this entry is typed below. Go ahead and add the HTML to change the
items into an HTML unordered list (remember, you use <ul> for unordered lists).
We've already reformatted some of the text for you.
When you've finished, check your answers in the back of the chapter. Then make
these changes in your “journal.html” file and test.
<h2> June 2, 2012 </h2>
<img src="segway1.jpg">
My first day of the trip! I can't believe I finally got
everything packed and ready to go. Because I'm on a Segway,
I wasn't able to bring a whole lot with me:
cell phone
digital camera
and a protein bar
Just the essentials. As
Lao Tzu would have said, <q> A journey of a
thousand miles begins with one Segway. </q>
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