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I've been thinking
about the Burma Shave lines. I wasn't
surprised that they weren't broken up
because we've said from the beginning
that whitespace and linebreaks aren't
displayed by the browser…
…but the only way I can think of
to fix this is to put each one in
a block element like a paragraph.
Otherwise, how can you get the
browser to add linebreaks?
What if you had an element whose
only job was to give you a linebreak
when you needed one?
Wouldn't that be nice? You'd actually be able to make
the browser pay attention and insert some carriage
returns for a change.
Turns out there is an element, the <br> element, just
for that purpose. Here's how you use it:
<h2> July 14, 2012 </h2>
I saw some Burma Shave style signs on the
side of the road today:
Passing cars, <br>
When you can't see, <br>
May get you, <br>
A glimpse, <br>
Of eternity. <br>
I definitely won't be passing any cars.
Add a <b r> e lemen t to any line
Here 's th e Ju ly
when you want to brea k th e
14t h sni ppet from
Tony 's pa ge.
flow and inser t a “line brea k.”
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