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The real truth behind the q and blockquote mystery
Okay, it's time to stop the charade: <blockquote> and <q> are actually different types of elements.
The <blockquote> element is a block element and the <q> element is an inline element. What's the
difference? Block elements are always displayed as if they have a linebreak before and after them,
while inline elements appear “in line” within the flow of the text in your page.
Block: stands on its own
Inline: goes with the flow
<q>, <a>, and <em> are inline elements.
<h1>, <h2>, ... , <h6>, <p>, and <blockquote> are all block elements.
E ach block elem ent is
d ispla yed o n it s own , as
i f it has a line break
<q>, on t he o ther
han d, lik e all
inlin e ele ment s, is
just disp layed in
the flow of the
par agra ph it 's in.
b efor e and aft er it .
Remember: block elements stand on their own;
inline elements go with the flow.
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