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Adding a blockquote
Let's get a <blockquote> into Tony's online journal.
Open your “journal.html” file and locate the July 14th
entry. Rework the paragraph to look like this:
T o in sert the <blo ckqu ote>
eleme nt, we n eed to e nd t his
para grap h fir st.
<h2> July 14, 2012 </h2>
I saw some Burma Shave style signs on the
side of the road today:
Passing cars,
When you can't see,
May get you,
A glimpse,
Of eternity.
I definitely won't be passing any cars.
Next we pu t the Burma Sh ave text in th e
<blockquote > element.
Time for another test drive. Open “journal.html” in your browser
and take a look at the results of your work:
<blockq uote> creates a
separa te block (like < p>
does), plus it indents the
text a bit to make i t
look m ore like a quot e.
Just w hat we wanted
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