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Looooong quotes
Now that you know how to do short quotes, let's
tackle long ones. Tony's given us a long quote
with the Burma Shave jingle.
In his journal, Tony just put the Burma Shave
quote right inside his paragraph, but wouldn't it
be better if we pulled this quote out into a “block”
of its own, like this:
I saw some Burma Shave style signs on the side
of the road today:
Passing cars,
When you can't see,
May get you,
A glimpse,
Of eternity.
I definitely won't be passing any cars.
I f y o u d o n ' t k n o w w h at
B u r m a S h a v e ” s l o g a n s a re ,
we ' l l t e l l yo u al l a b o u t
t h e m i n j u st a fe w p a g e s …
That's where the <blockquote> element comes
in. Unlike the <q> element, which is meant for
short quotes that are part of an existing paragraph,
the <blockquote> element is meant for longer
quotes that need to be displayed on their own.
It's important to use
the right tool for the job, and
the <blockquote> element is
perfect for this job.
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