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The Case of the Elements Separated at Birth
Identical twins were born in Webville a number of years ago, and by
a freak accident involving an Internet router malfunction, the twins
were separated shortly after birth. Both grew up without knowledge
of the other, and only through another set of freak circumstances did
they later meet and discover their identity, which they decided to
keep secret.
After the discovery, they quickly learned that they shared a
surprising number of things in common. Both were married
to wives named Citation. They also both had a love for
quotations. The first twin, the <q> element, loved short, pithy
quotes, while the second, <blockquote> , loved longer quotes,
often memorizing complete passages from topics or poems.
Being identical twins, they bore a strong resemblance to each other,
and so they decided to put together an evil scheme whereby they
might stand in for each other now and then. They first tested this on
their wives (the details of which we won't go into), and they passed
with flying colors their wives had no idea (or at least pretended not
Next they wanted to test their switching scheme in the workplace
where, as another coincidence, they both performed the same job:
marking up quotes in HTML documents. So, on the chosen day, the
brothers went to the other's workplace fully confident they'd pull off
their evil plan (after all, if their wives couldn't tell, how could their
bosses?), and that's when things turned bad. Within 10 minutes of
starting the work day, the brothers had both been found to be imposters
and the standards authorities were immediately alerted.
How were the twins caught in the act?
Keep reading for more clues…
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