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Meet the q element
Got a short quote in your HTML? The <q> element is just what
you need. Here's a little test HTML to show you how it works:
<title> Quote Test Drive </title>
You never know when you'll need a good quote, how
about <q> To be or not to be </q> , or <q> Wherever you go, there you are </q>.
We'v e got two quotes in this HTM L…
We sur round each qu ote wit h a <q > openi ng tag and
a </q> closin g tag. Notice that w e don't put ou r own
double -quote chara cters a round t he quo tes.
And test drive
No t all b rowse rs dis play
d ouble quote s aro und th e
co nten t in th e <q> elem ent.
T his is u nfortun ate, be cause if
you ad d your own do uble q uotes,
some brows ers wil l displa y
TW O sets of quot es. We advise testing <q> in
di fferent browse rs to se e the r esults that you get.
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