HTML and CSS Reference
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Adding some new elements
You have the basic elements of HTML down. You've gone from a hand-
written journal to an online version in just a few steps using the basic
HTML elements <p> , <h1> , <h2> , and <img> .
Now we're going to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your brain a little and add a few more
common elements. Let's take another look at Tony's journal and see
where we can spruce things up a bit…
Chec k this out: T ony ha s a lit tle qu ote
stuck at th e end of hi s first post. It's
his r emixed versio n of a Lao Tzu quote:
“A jo urney of a t housan d mile s begi ns
with one S egway.
HTML ha s an element, <q>, for j ust that kind of
thing. Le t's take a look on the n ext page…
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