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The rough design sketch
Tony's journal looks a lot like a web page; all we need to do to
create the design sketch is to get all his entries on one page and
map out the general organization. It looks like, for each day
that Tony creates an entry, he has a date heading, an optional
picture, and a description of what happened that day. Let's
look at the sketch…
He also gave his jour nal a
description. We'll ca pture
that here as a small
paragraph at the t op.
Segway'n USA
Document ing my trip around the US on
my very own Segway!
Each day, Tony creates an entry that
includes the date, usually a picture, and
a description of the day's adventures.
So, that's a heading, an image, and
another paragraph of text.
July 14, 2012
I saw some Burma Shave style signs on the side
of the road today: “Passing cars, When you
can't see, May get you, A glimpse, Of eternity.”
I definitely won't be passing any cars.
The third en try should loo k just
like the firs t one: a headin g, an
image, and a paragraph.
June 2, 2012
Un like T ony's paper jour nal, o ur pa ge le ngth isn't
lim ited, so we can fit m any e ntrie s on one w eb
pag e. Hi s frie nds a nd fa mily can j ust us e the
scr oll ba r to scrol l thr ough his en tries
Howe ver, notic e th at we reve rsed the orde r of
the journ al en tries from new est t o old est. That
way, the most rece nt en tries appe ar a t the top
wher e use rs ca n see the m wit hout scro lling.
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