HTML and CSS Reference
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From journal to website, at 12 mph
Tony's got his hands full driving across the United States on his Segway.
Why don't you give him a hand and create a web page for him?
Here's what you're going to do:
First, you're going to create a rough sketch of the journal that is the basis for
your page design.
Next, you'll use the basic building blocks of HTML ( <h1> , <h2> , <h3> , <p> , and so on)
to translate your sketch into an outline (or blueprint) for the HTML page.
Once you have the outline, then you're going to translate it into real HTML.
Finally, with the basic page done, you'll add some enhancements and meet
some new HTML elements along the way.
STOP! Do this exercise before turning the page.
Take a close look at Tony's journal
and think about how you'd present the
same information in a web page.
Draw a picture of that page on the right.
No need to get too fancy; you're just
creating a rough sketch. Assume all his
journal entries will be on one page.
Things to think about:
Think of the page in terms of large
structural elements: headings,
paragraphs, images, and so on.
Yo ur sketch
go es here.
Are there ways his journal might be
changed to be more appropriate for
the Web?
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