HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
That covers all the links we broke when we reorganized the lounge, although you still need to
fix the images in your “lounge.html” and “elixir.html” files. Here's exactly what you need to do:
In “lounge.html”, update the image src attribute
to have the value “images/drinks.gif”.
In “elixir.html”, update the image src attribute so
that “../images/” comes before each image name.
browser. You'll now be able to navigate between
all the pages and view the images.
P.S. If you're having any trouble, the folder
“chapter2/completelounge” contains a working version of
the lounge. Double-check your work against it.
You did it! Now
we've got organization and
all our links are working. Time
to celebrate. Join us and have a
green tea cooler.
And then we
can take the site to
the next level!
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