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Fig. 8.1 Different topologies of WSNs
One of the key points in the history of wireless sensor networks was the imple-
mentation of energy-efficient software platform, Tiny OS, operating system, also
developed at UC. Further development led to implementation of different software
platforms for WSNs. This was well-explained in a previous chapter.
Soon, people understood that by putting sensor nodes to work together, infra-
structure improvement and problem resolving can be achieved in different fields.
The opinion, which was generally accepted, points on the low cost of this technol-
ogy and its endless benefits. Today, sensor nets are used in agriculture, ecology, and
tourism, but medicine is the area where they certainly meet the greatest potential.
WSN - Open Questions of Today's Healthcare System
Nowadays, healthcare system is highly complex. The list of elderly people and
people in need of continuous care increases every day. Medical staff is faced with
more and more challenges each year. This opens serious questions in the domain of
interest, which must be answered in the best way possible. Problem solving must
include detail analyses of the current state in order to form a good and functional
system which resolves satisfactorily the number of issues. Wireless sensor net-
works can offer this kind of solution.
Patients in need of continuous monitoring or long-term care, meet a number of
difficulties. Accessibility to medical experts, for these patients, is an issue as much
as expenses. In case of accidents, the most important thing is to insure emergency
help for persons with most urgent injuries.
Sensor nets can give a solution for the mentioned issues. This technology can
improve both, the process of patient monitoring and the process of emergency
Healthcare system today meets accessibilty and mobility problems which imply
a great deal of costs. The accessibilty problems refer to the absence of medical
experts, in the sense of the right place and the right time. On the other hand, mobil-
ity problems address situations where persons have to stay in hospitals even when
not neccessary, because of medical equipment dependencies. All these problems
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