Information Technology Reference
In-Depth Information
A/D conversion
External RAM memory
Fig. 1.1 Block diagram of a sensor node
Wireless sensor networks
Tiny units with very small
power consumption
Possibility of geographical
and diffusion routing
Mobile ad-hoc networks
Wireless LAN
Ad hoc networks
No permanent
Computer networks
Fig. 1.2 Position of sensor networks in the broad context of computer networking
sensor nodes, which route collected data onward to their eventual destination.
For example, a gateway sensor node could be connected to a PC computer, or
an Internet router which could relay the data onward to the final destination
(Fig. 1.3 ).
Limited energy resources of sensor nodes (typically, they only run on battery
power) and the fact that in large-scale deployment of sensor networks, it would be
a major hurdle to replace batteries on nodes which have spent their existing ones,
have important implications:
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