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When you set the value of the fullScreen property of the stage to true, JavaFX will put the
application in full-screen mode with an undecorated window (see Controlling your application's
window style earlier in this chapter). Depending on the platform's implementation of the
full-screen mode (desktop or mobile), JavaFX will attempt to go into Full-Screen-Exclusive-
Mode (FSEM), where the application window covers the entire screen, and all other running
applications are placed in the background. If the platform does not support FSEM, JavaFX will
run the application in a simulated full-screen mode, where the window will be placed in the
foreground and maximized to full-screen dimensions with an undecorated window.
Here are the application's behaviors when going full-screen:
F The application will be restored to its last (pre-full-screen) window size when the user
presses the escape ( Esc ) key at any time in the application.
F When the application goes into full-screen mode, the following properties will keep
their original (pre-full-screen) values:
width and height values
x and y coordinates
iconified and resizeable states
style and opacity values
F When the application goes into full-screen mode, the opacity value is ignored and
the stage is set to 100% opacity.
F The application will retain its full-screen mode when made invisible. Changing the
visibility value will bring the application back to visible mode.
There's more...
While in full-screen, your users have unrestricted access to all functionalities of your
application. However, unsigned applications launched as WebStart or running as Applets
(see Chapter 7 , Deployment and Integration ) will have the following limitations in full-screen:
F Only a mouse event (onMouseClick, onMousePressed, and so on) can put the
application in true FSEM. This is a security measure ensuring that only an action
from the user will put the application in full-screen.
F If the screen is placed in true FSEM, users will only be allowed to use certain keys
limited to up , down , left , right , Page Up , Page Down , Tab , Home , End , Enter , and
Esc (mouse gestures are still allowed).
See also
F Controlling your application's window style
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