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Despite its infancy, JavaFX has commanded a tremendous following within a short period
of time. Currently, there are a combination of commercial and open-source products and
frameworks available for or in support of JavaFX:
F WidgetFX —this is a platform on which you can run desktop widgets built entirely in
JavaFX. It is inherently cross-platform and will run on operating systems that support
JavaFX. Other features of WidgetFX include a growing number of available widgets,
a simple one-click installation, open source code, a robust security model based on
Java's own setup, and a small footprint. See to find out
how to create widgets.
F On2 JavaFX Video Encoder —JavaFX uses On2's technologies for its cross-platform
and portable video codec called FXM. On2 provides two tools, Flix Pro and Flix
Standard, to allow content creators to encode videos directly into the FXM format.
See for details about On2's Flix product line.
F Exadel JavaFX products —Exadel, a company well-known for its enterprise view
technologies, got in the JavaFX game early with two offerings for developers. Exadel
offers JavaFX-Studio as an alternative IDE for JavaFX development. JavaFX Studio is
an Eclipse plug-in with features such as new project/class setup wizards, code editor
with syntax completion/highlight, and deployment wizards. The other offering from
Exadel is called Flamingo. It is a framework that provides client-side components
for data connectivity so that JavaFX can be implemented as a view technology for
server-side Spring, Seam, or Java EE components. Go to http://www.exadel.
com/ for more details on Exadel products.
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