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As of the release of version 1.2 back in early 2009, JavaFX now includes support for both
desktop and mobile development. The NetBeans IDE offers full support for mobile development,
including mobile device emulator, packaging, and deployment. If you are not a NetBeans user,
you can use the javafxpackager tool, along with the emulator tool, to emulate mobile content
on your workstation.
As of version 1.2 of the SDK, JavaFX Mobile
development is only supported on the Windows platform.
JavaFX Mobile is a software layer that runs on top of the Java ME (specifically, the CDC profile)
on smartphones capable of providing rich content and an engaging experience. Because Java
ME is already supported on a large number of handset models, JavaFX has the potential to be
widely available on mobile devices.
When writing your application, you need to select APIs carefully to maximize portability. If you
know that your application will only run on the desktop, you are free to exploit the desktop
APIs without portability worries. However, if you plan to push your application to both the
desktop and the mobile environments, you will then be constrained to use APIs that satisfy
both desktop and mobile runtimes. A good rule to follow is to program using common profiles
as a common denominator to arrive at an application that can run on both profiles.
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