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A FXD file named content.fxd serves as the entry point for the
scene graph. It contains references to all other generated FXD when
artboards are used to group artwork objects (see previous bullet).
When there are no artboards grouping, the plugin only generates
this file.
F Generated PNG iles —when the original Illustrator artwork contains embedded
bit-mapped images, they are rasterized down to PNG image files. These images
are embedded in the FXZ files and are represented as ImageView nodes in the
FXD scene graph data (see There's more next).
There's more...
The plugin converts the vector graphics from the Illustrator artwork to a scene graph of native
JavaFX graphics nodes. Let's see how the graphics objects from Illustrator are exported in the
JavaFX FXD file.
The code given next shows an abbreviated snippet of the FXD file generated for artboard 1
(refer to ch08/source-code/src/fxzdemo/SymbolsAI.fxz for a full listing):
* Generated by JavaFX plugin for Adobe Illustrator.
Group {
clip: Rectangle {x: 0.0 y: 0.0 width: 640.0 height: 480.0}
content: [
Group {
id: "flare"
content: [
Group {
id: " star "
content: [
Polygon {
fill: RadialGradient{
proportional: false
centerX: 194.69 centerY: 91.03
focusX: 194.69 focusY: 91.03
radius: 48.60
stops: [
Stop {offset: 0.000 color: Color.WHITE},
Stop {offset: 1.000 color: Color.BLACK},
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