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4. Now, export the artwork to the JavaFX FXZ file format. Select menu item File | Save
for JavaFX... to start the Production Suite's plugin from within Adobe Illustrator. This
will bring up the plugin's preview screen. Save the FXZ file to a location inside your
JavaFX application's source path for easy access. For this recipe, the exported FXZ
file is saved in the project's source directory at ch08/source-code/src/
fxzdemo/SymbolsAI.fxz .
How it works...
The Production Suite's plugin for Adobe Illustrator produces a single JavaFX FXZ file containing
all graphical assets exported from the Illustrator artwork. However, unlike Photoshop, Adobe
Illustrator uses vector graphics to render its artwork (rather than bitmap). The plugin attempts
to translates Illustrator's vector graphic objects directly into their JavaFX's vector counterparts
wherever possible. Let's see how the exported file format works:
F The FXZ file —when you export your graphics objects from Adobe Illustrator using the
Production Suite plugin, the resulting FXZ file is a zip-compressed file containing one
or more data files (with FXD extensions). Additionally, the FXZ file will also contain
other graphical assets exported from the original Illustrator file, such as embedded
images and fonts.
F The FXD data iles —this is a textual file format which contains JavaFX object literal
declarations of a scene graph, where the nodes in the graph represent objects
exported from the Illustrator artwork (see There's more..., ahead).
F Artworks with Artboards —if artboards are used to group graphics objects in the
Illustrator artwork, the plugin generates the data files as follows:
An FXD file, with name pattern content-n.fxd , is generated for
each artboard, where n represents the artboard's ordinal value.
For this recipe, the artwork contains two artboards (have a look at
the artboards' figure under the previous How to do it section); the
generated FXZ file has two FXD data files named content-1.fxd
and content-2.fxd .
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