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The FXD data file
The FXD file, embedded in the FXZ file, contains the object literal representation of a scene
graph containing all of the images (and other assets) exported by the Photoshop plugin. Let's
do a quick dissection of the file, shown below:
* Generated by JavaFX plugin for Adobe Photoshop.
* ...
Group {
clip: Rectangle { x:0 y:0 width:600 height:200 }
content: [
ImageView {
id: "triangle"
x: 25
y: 135
image: Image {
url : "{__DIR__}triangle.png"
ImageView {
id: "target"
x: 520
y: 5
image: Image {
url : "{__DIR__}target.png"
Photoshop layers are organized into a group by default. The group is exported as a JavaFX
Group instance, where each layer within the group is mapped on to an ImageView node.
The group node is clipped at the same dimension as the original Photoshop artwork through
the clip:Rectangle property.
Each exported PNG file, embedded in the FXZ file, is represented by an instance of
ImageView with several properties, such as:
F id —this is the node's unique identifier in the group. Notice that the value for the ID
matches the name of the layer from the Photoshop file.
F x and y location—this is the coordinate of the ImageView object within the scene
graph exported by the plugin.
F image —this is an instance of Image that points to the PNG file embedded in the FXZ
file. Notice the image's name matches that of the layer from the Photoshop artwork.
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