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For this recipe, we are going to walk through the steps of exporting graphics objects from a
Photoshop project as JavaFX graphics objects.
1. First, you should ensure that you have installed the Production Suite tools properly.
Go to menu File | Automate, and you should see menu choice Save for JavaFX, as
shown in the following screenshot:
2. Next, create a new or open an existing Photoshop project. For this recipe, we will
be using the Photoshop project located in ch08/source-code/resources/
Symbols.psd . The previous screenshot shows the Photoshop file used in this recipe.
It consists of several iconic symbols, where each symbol is assigned to a Photoshop
layer as shown below:
3. Each layer in the Photoshop artwork will be exported as a single image when
converted to the JavaFX file format. Therefore, we will give each layer a descriptive
name prefixed by jfx: to cause the plugin to use the name as provided.
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