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title: "Application title"
width: msg.boundsInLocal.width
height: msg.boundsInLocal.height * 2
scene: Scene {
content: [msg]
2. Next, we use the javafxpackager tool to build and package the application as
follows (note that the command line is wrapped for readability):
javafxpackager -src src -appClass webstart.WebStartDemo
-appName webstart-demo
-appVendor "Vladimir Vivien" -appVersion 1.0
-appCodebase "http://my.server/path/to/app"
Upon completion, the packager tool will produce the following deployment assets in
default distribution directory dist/ , as shown in the next screenshot:
Since we are deploying our application as a Java Web Start, we need to review and
update the application's JNLP file generated during the packaging process. That
file contains configuration settings used by Web Start to run the application. Some
configurations are based on arguments passed from the javafxpackager command
line. Let's update the title and the description tags:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jnlp spec="1.0+"
<title>JavaFX Web Start Demo</title>
<vendor>Vladimir Vivien</vendor>
<homepage href="http://my.server/path/to/app"/>
<description>Run App from Web Start</description>
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