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F Generate Web Start ile —creates a JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol) descriptor
file that you can use to distribute your application as a Java Web Start(ed) desktop
application. In our example, the build step generates the Main.jnlp ile.
F Generate browser plugin ile —the packager also generates a *_browser.jnlp
file, which is used to launch the application as an applet using the new Java Plugin
architecture. For our example, the build step generated browser file Main_browser.
jnlp .
F Generate HTML and JavaScript stub —inally, the packager creates a sample HTML
which shows how to embed your application as an applet using JavaScript. In our
example, the packager generated the Main.html ile.
The JNLP configuration and HTML code generated by the packager tool
is intended to be a starting point. You are expected to edit and customize
the content of these files to fit your deployment needs.
There's more...
The javafxpackager tool supports a myriad of options designed to control how it builds
and packages your application. The following table lists some of the more commonly used
packaging flags:
Use this option to specify the target profile for the build. Valid values
include mobile and desktop (default).
This required option specifies one or more top-level directories where
project sources are located.
This is a list of directories, classes, and jars that make up the application's
classpath. Otherwise, the current directory is used as the classpath.
-resourcepath-|--res Use this option to specify the location of resources which will be
packaged in the resulting jar. If none is specified, the packager will
search your source path for resources.
This option specifies the directory where all generated jar will be placed.
The default is dist.
This required option specifies the fully-qualified name of the class to use
as the entry point for the application.
Use this option to specify your application's name. The files generated by
the packager tool will use the name provided, rather than the name of
the main class.
This is a partial list of the available options, there are many more available for you to
customize your build. You will encounter more of them in other recipes as we explore
the different execution environments.
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