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1. The first step is to create a new Entry class in order to gain access to the processing
of the title node:
class SimpleTitleEntry extends Entry {
public override function fromXML(parser:PullParser):Void {
if(parser.event.qname == TITLE and
parser.event.type == parser.TEXT) {
title = parser.event.text.replaceAll(
"<[a-zA-Z\/][^>]*>", "");
2. Next, define a new Factory class, which will be responsible for building instances of
the SimpleTitleEntry class during parsing:
class SimpleTitleFactory extends Factory {
public override function newEntry(feed:Feed):Void {
SimpleTitleEntry {feed: feed}
3. Once your factory is defined, add it to your FeedTask instance as such:
var atom = AtomTask {
location: ""
factory : SimpleTitleFactory{}
When the instance of AtomTask parses your document, it will automatically scrub the title of
any extraneous HTML.
Refer to for further information on
web feeds.
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