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To implement or run the code presented in this recipe yourself, you will need to get Google
and Zillow API keys at and , respectively.
Prior to jumping into the code, let's review the XML document, which is returned by the Zillow
web service call. Zillow uses a REST-style API, whereby requests are sent to the server as an
HTTP.GET method, and the server responses are returned as an XML document. For our
needs, we will use the GetSearchResults web service to obtain information on a given
location. The service returns an XML payload which looks like the following XML snippet
(only showing used data elements):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<SearchResults:searchresults xmlns:Se archResults="http://www.zillow.
com/vstatic/3/static/xsd/Searc hResults.xsd">
<street>2114 Bigelow Ave N</street>
<amount currency="USD">1241162</amount>
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