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Getting ready
Prior to getting started with HttpRequest , you should have an understanding of the basic
mechanics behind the Web and its HTTP protocol (see the HTTP reference at the end of
this recipe). JavaFX's HttpRequest class, located in the package,
provides ways to manage communication between your JavaFX client application and a
remote web server. To illustrate the use of the HttpRequest class, we will use it to pull
down information from Wikipedia's entry about JavaFX programming language at the URL . In future recipes, you will see how to use
HttpRequest in conjunction with other data-specific APIs such as RSS. It is also a definite
plus to be familiar with Java's IO API when working with the HttpRequest API.
How to do it...
The code snippet in this recipe shows you how to use the HttpRequest object to send
a request to a server and handle the response using event-handler functions. The code
segment given next show an abbreviated version of the code. Refer to ch06/source-code/
src/http/HttpRequestGET.fx for a complete listing of the code.
var url = "";
var http = HttpRequest {
location: url
method: HttpRequest.GET
onInput: function (in: {
if(in.available() > 0){
println ("Printing result from {url}");
var reader:BufferedReader;
reader = new BufferedReader(
new InputStreamReader(in));
var line;
while((line = reader.readLine()) != null){
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