Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Working with Data
In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:
F Saving data locally with the Storage API
F Accessing remote data with HttpRequest
F Downloading images with HttpRequest
F Posting data to remote servers with HttpRequest
F Uploading files to servers with HttpRequest
F Building RESTful clients with the PullParser API
F Using the feed API to create RSS/Atom clients
F Visualizing data with the JavaFX Chart API
All popular rich client platforms provide inherent support for local and remote data retrieval
and persistence. JavaFX is no different. This chapter explores the tools that are available
in JavaFX to access and manipulate data locally or remotely, and how to perform data
visualization using the newly added JavaFX chart components.
Storage API
Part of the recent additions to version 1.2 of the SDK includes the Storage API. This API
is designed to provide secure and uniform data storage and retrieval services for client
applications working in offline mode. This chapter shows you how to use the Storage API
to store and retrieve data locally.
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