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F The controls —as before, the control buttons consist of image icons displayed by
instances of ImageView . The custom component loads six icons that represent
functionalities such as reverse, play, pause, fast-forward, volume up, and volume down.
The play and pause icons, assigned to ImageView instance with id = "playCtrl" ,
use the same logic from previous media playback recipes (consult the recipe Playing
audio with MediaPlayer for details). Let's see how the others work:
To fast-forward and reverse, we use ImageView instances with
id="reverseCtrl" and id="ffwdCtrl" respectively. When
the user clicks on these icons, the code adds one percent of the
total duration to (or subtracts from) mediaPlayer.currentTime
property. This has the effect of moving the playhead in the desired
To adjust the volume is even simpler. We use instances of
ImageView with id="volup" and id="voldn" to control the
volume. When the user clicks on the icon, it sets mediaPlayer.
volume to the desired ratio. To increase the volume we add 0.4 to
the current volume. To decrease the volume, we subtract 0.4 from
the current volume level.
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