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Getting ready
This recipe uses classes from the Image API located in the javafx.scene.image package.
Using this API, you are able to configure, load, and control how your images are displayed using
the classes Image and ImageView . For this recipe, we will build a simple image browser to
illustrate the concepts presented here. The browser allows users to load an image by providing
its URL. You will use standard JavaFX controls, such as text boxes and buttons, to build the GUI.
If you are not familiar with the standard GUI controls, review the recipe Creating a form with
JavaFX controls from Chapter 4 , Components and Skinning .
How to do it...
The code given next has been shortened to illustrate the essential portions involved in loading
and displaying an image. You can get a full listing of the code from ch05/source-code/
src/image/ImageBrowserSimpleDemo.fx .
def w = 800;
def h = 600;
var scene:Scene;
def maxW = w * 0.9;
def maxH = h * 0.9;
def imgView :ImageView = ImageView {
preserveRatio :true
fitWidth : maxW fitHeight :maxH
layoutX:(w-maxW)/2 layoutY:(h-maxH)/2
function loadImg (){
imgView.image = Image {
url:( scene.lookup ("addr") as TextBox).text
def addrBar = Group {
layoutX: 20
layoutY: 20
content:HBox {
Label {text:"Image URL:" textFill:Color.SILVER}
TextBox { id :"addr" columns:80 promptText:"http://"
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