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SequentialTransition {
content: [
RotateTransition {
node: circles
duration: 1s
TranslateTransition {
node: circles
duration: 3s
TranslateTransition {
node: rect
duration: 3s
You should note the following:
F The SequentialTransition class will play each animation in the order they
appear in the content property.
F Individual transition class that is part of a SequentialTransition sequence
should not control the playback with repeatCount=SequentialTransition.
INDEFINITE . This will cause the transition to be stuck and not yield to
other sequences.
F You can insert a pause time period in the sequence using the PauseTransition
class. As its name implies, it allows you pause the playback sequence for the
specified time.
See also
F Chapter 2—Drawing simple shapes
F Chapter 3—Creating simple animation with the Transition API
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