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RotateTransition —rotates the node using
the specified angle value around a given pivot
RotateTransition {
node: circles
duration: 1s
FadeTransition —animates the node's
opacity value over the specified time
FadeTransition {
node: circle
duration: 3s
fromValue: 1.0
toValue: 0.25
The Timeline
The transition classes are an implementation of the Timeline class that provides ways to
control keyframes generated during the animation. Here are some of the control functions
which are available on all transition classes:
F play() —this function plays the animation from the last stopped time location and
the last set direction.
F playFromStart() —similar to play() , this function plays back the animation.
However, it resets the animation's playback time to zero (0) and plays in the
forward direction.
F pause() —the pause() function stops the playback of the animation. The current
time position is retained. The next call to play() will resume from the last paused
time position.
F stop() —this function stops the animation's playback as well. However, it resets the
time position to zero and sets the direction to forward.
The following are some important properties exposed by the Timeline class that you should be
aware of when building animations:
F rate:Number —this property is a multiplier for the playback speed. A rate of 0.0
indicates normal playback, while 2.0 plays twice as fast, and so on. A negative rate
(-0.0 for instance) plays the animation in reverse at the indicated rate.
F framerate:Number —this ratio indicates the number of frames played per second
for an animation.
F time:Duration —this property indicates the position in time, in the sequence,
where the animation will start when play() is invoked.
F repeatCount —the number of times the animation will repeat after the playback
reaches the end. Setting this value to Timeline.INDEFINITE will repeat the
animation until pause() or stop() is invoked.
F autoReverse —play the animation backward at the end of a sequence.
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