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background. After switching to Background Image, click Apply again
to see the effect.
9. Switch the Background option back to Gradient. A gradient back-
ground offers better performance than a background image for lower-
powered systems. However, the 1 Color setting provides the best
10. Set your Color Theme to Light Application Frame and select the
Amber Icon color. Click Apply to see the changes.
NOTE For clarity in print, screen images captured for this topic are cre-
ated with the Presentation color scheme and the 1 Color option. This is a great
setup if you need to create printable images from your models.
11. Switch to the Display tab.
12. Under Wireframe Display Mode, select Dim Hidden Edges under the
Active group.
13. Under Shaded Display Modes, in the Active group, deselect Edges and
select Silhouettes.
14. Under Shaded Display Modes, in the Enabled group, deselect Shaded
and select Silhouettes.
15. Deselect the Show Hidden Model Edges as Solid option.
16. Update your display by clicking Apply. Shock Strut should be the only
shaded component on the screen.
17. Switch to the Sketch tab.
18. Make sure the check box next to Autoproject Part Origin on Sketch
Create is selected.
19. Deselect Edit Dimension When Created.
20. Deselect Autoproject Edges for Sketch Creation and Edit.
21. Deselect Look at Sketch Plane on Sketch Creation.
22. Switch to the Drawing tab, and change the Default Drawing File Type
to Inventor Drawing (*.dwg), using the pull-down.
NOTE Many users prefer to work without the grid lines, minor grid lines,
and axes. In the images in this topic, none of these options are on, for clarity.
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