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I hope you've enjoyed building your fan and learning Autodesk Inventor along
the way. By thinking about the needs of the design fi rst, the tools you need to
use will become self evident to an extent. If you've completed each of the exer-
cises in this topic, you've been exposed to the majority of tools that Autodesk
Inventor has to offer.
I stress to people learning Inventor that they should try things . Try using a
tool in different ways. The worst that can happen is that you'll have to use Undo.
Enjoy your time with Autodesk Inventor. Thank you for making the effort to be
more effective and better prepared in your career.
Are You Experienced?
Now you can…
create specialized views of the assembly
place balloons in a drawing
place parts lists
modify the Bill of Materials
generate a
.DWF file to share with others
create animations of an assembly
render animations
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