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FIGURE 9.38 A change to the lighting style can make a dramatic difference.
Before we explore modifying the styles, let's try the other kind of rendering.
Creating an Illustration Rendering
Sometimes, photorealism can be confusing or your communication medium
doesn't allow the complexity. The Illustration rendering type offers a whole new
set of options for those situations. In this exercise, you'll create a rendering
using the Illustration style:
1. Change all the style settings in the Render Image dialog back to their
default values.
2. Change the Rendering Type setting to Illustration.
3. Switch to the Style tab.
4. Set the value for the Source group to No Color.
5. Click Render. Figure 9.39 shows the result.
6. Close the Render Output window and the Render Image dialog.
Simply using the styles and options that are included with Inventor offers a
great deal of potential in making your designs easy to present. Now, let's make
a few changes and see how a handful of mouse clicks can really change things.
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