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The Style Tab (Illustration Rendering)
Many more options appear when you select Illustration as the Rendering Style
(Figure 9.33).
FIGURE 9.33 The Style tab options for Illustration rendering
Color Fill
Three source options are available for Color Fill; these determine what (if any)
color is included in the rendering. There is also a slide bar for the quantity of
colors in the rendering and an option to display highlights:
No Color This option removes any reference to the part's color(s) in the ren-
dering. The resulting appearance has a line-art quality.
Surface Style Applying a surface style or color to your part can still have value
in the Illustration rendering using this option. The Levels slide bar sets the
number of colors from none, when the value is 1, to multiple color steps when
set to 10.
Specify Setting a color using Specify overrides the colors of all the parts in the
rendering. The Levels slide bar sets the number of colors representing the cur-
vature in the same way that it does with Surface Style selected.
Show Shiny Highlights With this box selected, areas that would be highlighted
in a realistic rendering still highlight to accentuate curvature.
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