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4. Click Done to close the dialog and update the parts list, as shown in
Figure 9.25.
FIGURE 9.25 The parts list updates to reflect the new structure.
5. Save your work.
You can do more, but a lot of how you'll use balloons, parts lists, and a BOM
will depend on your company.
Let's take some of this work and see how to make it available when someone
needs more than an animation but you don't need to share live CAD data with
them. You can use a special format: DWF.
The Design Web Format output option that is in most of Autodesk's products is
something worth spending a minute on. Most people who've used an Autodesk
CAD tool have probably created a .DWF fi le for simple, basic exchange because
the original CAD fi le was too big to e-mail.
The format has a lot more to offer. Depending on the fi le from which you
export it, you can not only create a secure document that can't be edited or
completely reverse-engineered but also create a document that is a powerful
communication tool.
In Inventor, you can use a .DWF fi le to capture the animation of a presentation
fi le along with the assembly and parts it's based on. Just to make everything
complete, you can also include the drawings.
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