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Next, let's save your work to a fi le that anyone can view.
Creating an .AVI File
In this exercise, you'll generate a fi le to send to anyone who needs to know how
you want to assemble your product:
1. Click reset to “rewind” the animation.
2. Click the Record button in the Animation dialog.
This launches a Save As dialog for creating an animation fi le.
3. Set File to Fan , and change the fi le type to AVI. If you're offered a
location for the new fi le to be placed, select one to your liking.
4. Click Save to close the dialog.
After a moment, Inventor brings up the Video Compression dialog
so you can control the quality and compressor you want to use for
your .AVI fi le. If you had selected a .WMV fi le, the dialog would look
different but still ask for information about what the video will be
used for (in order to set the quality).
5. Set Compressor to Microsoft Video 1, and click OK.
6. Click the Play Forward button to create the animation fi le.
7. When the Animation dialog reappears, click the Record button again
to save the .AVI fi le to the disk.
8. Take a moment to replay the animation you've created.
9. Click Cancel to close the dialog.
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