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direction, and how far. A check-box option lets you generate trails
that can be seen on the drawing.
The workfl ow is simple. Start the Tweak Components tool, set the
direction, select the components, and establish how far those compo-
nents move. You can click and drag the distance on the screen or
type the value into the dialog, picking the check mark to update the
There's no Apply button, but you can make a tweak to components
and then clear your selections to modify others without leaving the
tool. Let's try it.
8. Pick the top of the housing. This displays a triad with the Z direction
highlighted. You want to move the grill, so the Y direction is more
9. Click the Y axis of the triad or the Y button in the dialog.
10. Pick the grill and the eight screws surrounding it.
11. When they're selected, click and drag in an empty area of the Design
window, and move the grill and screws away from the assembly
roughly three feet. You can watch the value in the dialog change as
you drag. See Figure 9.13.
12. Release the mouse button when you've moved the components the
desired distance.
13. Hold down the Shift or Ctrl key, and pick the grill again to remove it
from the group of components being tweaked.
14. Click and drag the screws out another 20 inches or so, and release.
15. Pick the Clear button to reset your selections.
16. Place the triad for setting the direction as you did last time.
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