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FIGURE 8.72 You can make bolted connections through more than
two parts.
17. Click OK to place the new bolted connections.
18. Restore your home view, and save your work.
Look at the status bar at the bottom of the Inventor interface. In the course of
these fi rst eight chapters, you've created a 50-part assembly. Granted, you didn't
model 50 components, but I think that's a good thing. Most people don't create
products for which they fabricate every component.
If you buy things like bolts, screws, bearings, belts, casters, and motors, isn't
it good that you don't have to model them to use them accurately?
In the next chapter, we'll focus on extending the use of this model beyond the
typical scope of creating detail drawings of the individual parts and views of the
assembly. You'll do some drawing, but you'll create the sorts of drawings that are
diffi cult (at best) to do with a 2D CAD system. You'll also create exploded views
and realistic renderings to help you sell your ideas to management and your
In the world of digital prototyping, a model of your product is just the begin-
ning of its usefulness (see Figure 8.73).
Congratulations on making the move to 3D!
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