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12. Select the PEM Self-Clinching Nuts S, SS, CLS, CLSS - Inch nut.
This adds the nut to the bolted connection. See Figure 8.71.
FIGURE 8.71 Defining the bolted connection
13. Select the Follow Pattern option in the dialog, and click OK to create
the bolted connections.
14. Save the fi le.
This particular bolted connection creates a hole in the housing
large enough to press-fi t the selected PEM fastener into. This is bril-
liant — Inventor even did it eight times for all the holes in the grill!
Now, you need to add an instance of the grill to the other side. You
can use a Mirror tool because the duct is on the other side — the
bolted connection has to pass through it, too.
15. Insert another instance of the grill part, and use Assembly con-
straints to place it using the same constraints as the fi rst.
Double-check to make sure you're not putting the grill on back-
ward. The larger boundary should go to the inside of the assembly.
16. Place the same bolted connection to the inside of the housing fl ange,
and notice that the bolted connection tool creates a clearance hole
for the bolt in the duct and the larger hole in the housing for the
PEM nut. See Figure 8.72.
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