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View Tab
The View tab (Figure 1.17) contains tools that aren't necessarily used every time
you work with Inventor but can establish some of your preferences. It also con-
tains some other useful tools for presenting your designs. Let's review them.
FIGURE 1.17 The View tab
Appearance Panel
The Appearance panel includes several tool sets. The fi rst tool, Slice Graphics, is
available only when you're editing a sketch. It allows you to section the part or
the assembly to make the sketch easy to see and edit.
Next is a group of four tools you use to create sections of 3D parts and
assemblies using planes or faces to defi ne what portions are removed. The
default tool is the Quarter Section View; it works much like Slice Graphics,
but it removes roughly a quarter of the assembly depending on the planes
To the right is a pair of options that control whether the model is viewed in
a perspective or orthographic view. You can even alter the lens length of the
perspective view to give a different effect by holding the Ctrl key and pressing
the Shift key while rolling the mouse wheel.
The fi rst of these options lets you display the 3D model as a shaded dis-
play, hidden edge display, or wireframe display. Figure 1.18 illustrates the
three modes.
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