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6. Start the Circular Pattern tool on the Pattern panel.
7. Select Sweep for the Feature, and set the Rotation Axis using one of
the cylindrical surfaces.
8. Set the Placement value to 5 , and click OK to create the pattern
shown in Figure 7.32.
FIGURE 7.32 Creating the pattern of spokes
The foundation of the pulley is complete. You need to add just a couple more
An amazing new tool added to Inventor 2010 is the rule fi llet. Unlike the fea-
ture fi llet you've used, it's based on relationships between features rather than
just on edges or faces.
The Rule Fillet
This feature can build relationships that can be temporarily broken and renew
themselves when conditions are restored. A single rule fi llet can tell a feature
that it's blended to one feature with a .05 radius, another feature with a .1 radius,
the rest of the part with a .2 radius, and any free edges with a .03 radius. You
can do all this without picking a single edge.
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