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5. Click OK to create the feature.
Rotate your model, and inspect how the spoke is formed into the
rest of the model. Looking closely at the belt groove, it appears that
the feature is penetrating into the groove (Figure 7.28). This isn't
good. You need to modify the Sweep feature to prevent this.
FIGURE 7.28 A portion of the sweep feature penetrates the belt groove
6. Under the Sweep1 feature in the Browser, double-click Sketch3 to edit it.
7. In the sketch, edit the 8.200 dimension and make its new value 8.000 .
8. Pick Finish Sketch to update the model.
9. Save your work.
This should remedy the problem, as shown in Figure 7.29. Let's keep modify-
ing the pulley.
You want to round the inside of the rim of the pulley. You can still add a fi llet
to the edges now, and Inventor's model healing will understand what you want;
but just to be sure, you'd like to go back in time to make the modifi cation.
You don't want to delete or undo the work you've done on the spoke; instead,
you'll tell Inventor that you haven't done that work yet.
In the Browser is an icon I'm sure you've noticed: the End of Part marker.
Wherever this marker sits, Inventor considers the end of the features. If you move
the End of Part marker, you can truncate the list of features Inventor will generate.
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