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Bearing Life Calculation
This pull-down list selects which ANSI or other standard method will be used to
calculate the life of the bearing. Be sure to use the appropriate methodology to
ensure the results you need.
At the very bottom and on the right side of most design accelerator dialog boxes
are double arrows that expand the dialog box to show messages relating to the
calculation. If the bottom or right edge of a design accelerator dialog box turns
red after a calculation, expand this area to see the error message.
Let's use the Bearing Generator to verify that the bearing that I have in mind
for your fan is acceptable.
Using the Bearing Generator
You'll test your selection, keeping in mind that you can generate a list of bear-
ings purely by selecting a class and loading the performance conditions:
1. Activate or open the fan assembly.
2. In the Browser, expand Fan Support Frame and pick Bearing
3. Right-click, and select Isolate in the context menu.
4. Zoom in on the bearing support assembly.
5. Switch the Ribbon to the Design tab.
6. Pick the Bearing tool from the Power Transmission panel.
7. Set the Bearing type to Angular Contact Ball Bearing.
8. Set the outer diameter range with a From value of 1.4 and a To value
of 1.6 .
9. Set the inner diameter with a From value of .5 and a To value of .65 .
See Figure 7.1.
10. Click the Update icon to refresh the list of bearings.
11. Switch the dialog to the Calculation tab. See Figure 7.2.
12. Change Type of Strength Calculation to Bearing Design.
13. Set the Radial Load value to 100 lbforce and the Axial Load value to
20 lbforce .
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