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people would think to use the same approach in a 3D model. Well, that is
exactly what you'll be doing. You'll create a 2D sketch in your assembly that is
based on the geometry of your 3D parts, so that if they change, the sketch will
adjust and give you the proper information.
Creating the 2D Layout
In this exercise, you'll project edges and points from the parts you've placed in
the assembly:
1. Make the fan assembly the active fi le.
2. Restore the Front view from the ViewCube.
3. Press the S key to start a new sketch, or switch to the Model tab and
pick Create 2D Sketch from the Sketch panel.
4. Place the new sketch on the bottom face at the front of the housing.
See Figure 6.46.
FIGURE 6.46 Locating the new sketch in the assembly
The interface is updated to offer you the sketching tools, and the
Browser updates to show that you're in Sketch1 of the assembly.
5. Start the Project Geometry tool, and pick the outer diameter of the
caster to project it into the sketch.
6. Project the point at lower-right on the housing, as highlighted in
Figure 6.47.
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