Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
If you fi nd that you rarely use one of the tools, you can move it to the hid-
den portion of the panel by right-clicking the tool and selecting Move to
Expanded Panel.
You can also rearrange panels by clicking an individual panel's title bar and
dragging it to a new location in the tab.
Some individual tools have options. For example, there is more than one type
of circle; so, next to the default circle you see a downward-pointing arrow.
Clicking this arrow expands the available options.
All of these tools have tooltips as well. Some of these are referred to as progres-
sive tooltips ; they give you basic information if you pause over the tool and then
provide illustrations or more in-depth information if you pause a little longer.
Ribbon Appearance
The Ribbon can also appear in different ways. The default appearance is referred
to as Normal (shown earlier, in Figure 1.5). To modify the overall appearance of
the Ribbon, right-click any part of the Ribbon and hover over the words Ribbon
Appearance until the list of options is displayed. You can also click the words
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