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Leveraging the Assembly
As I've stated before, Inventor was built for the user to work from the assembly.
In this chapter, we'll do a little more exploration of working within the assembly
while you learn how to use a fantastic tool for making metal frames.
Being able to control assemblies and subassemblies is key to your success.
There are times when you just can't anticipate everything or when you may
want to modify the structure of the assembly strategically.
Building the Foundation of a Metal Frame
In this exercise, you'll create a part fi le; but doing so is really just a means to an
end. Let's get started!
1. Open the Fan.iam fi le from the Assemblies folder.
2. On the Assemble tab, select Create from the Component panel.
Doing so launches the Create In-Place Component dialog (Figure 5.1).
You use this dialog to start a new component in the context of the
assembly. It offers a place to give the part a name, select the template
you would like to base it on, set the location for the new component, and
even set how the component will be represented in the Bill of Materials.
FIGURE 5.1 The Create In-Place Component dialog box
We need to review two check boxes:
Virtual Component If this is selected, Inventor creates a part that
doesn't have any features. It's a placeholder for adding to the Bill of
Materials an item such as paint or grease that doesn't require a model
or a file to be created.
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