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2. Edit Hole1 under the Machining fl y-out in the Browser.
3. In the dialog, change the counterbore diameter to 1.57 and the
counterbore depth to .45 . See Figure 4.66.
FIGURE 4.66 Updating the hole properties
4. Click OK to update the Hole feature.
5. Save your work.
6. In the Browser, right-click Bearing Support.iam and select Open
Drawing from the context menu.
Just as opening the 3D model from the drawing activates or opens
the model for editing, this option does the same for the 2D drawing.
7. Review the updated drawing. Note the change to the diameter dimen-
sion in the section view.
8. If the center mark on the large hole fails to update properly, click the
red cross on the Quick Access Toolbar.
9. The fi rst pane lists the problem. Pick Next to see a detailed descrip-
tion of the problem.
10. The problem highlights. Click Next to pick a solution.
11. Select the Delete Symbol option, and click Finish.
Many times, you can easily repair a problem in a drawing or model.
In this case, with the overlapping section line, it's probably easier to
just replace the center mark.
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